Advertising on Twitch

Technology is constantly changing, including how we interact with one another online. Twitch is currently at the forefront of these changes with their online gaming platform, designed to live stream high-speed videos with chat rooms where users can engage with each other in real-time, as well as the content they are watching. For these reasons, we have recently started advertising on Twitch for clients.

A quick overview
Twitch is an online streaming website that was founded in 2011 and operated as a stand-alone company until 2014, when Amazon purchased it for $970 million. Today, Twitch has 28 million unique users each month, with each user spending approximately 95 minutes per day on the site. There are currently 25,000 popular streamers on Twitch who post live videos of themselves playing video games, cooking, putting on makeup and more. Most importantly, Twitch offers a unique 80 percent reach to twenty and thirty-something males in the U.S. — a demographic that’s been historically difficult to reach.

Twitch demographics
-15 million stream viewers daily
-2.2 million daily broadcasters
-81.5 percent of users are male
-140 million users monthly
-Over half of the total users, 55% are men ages 18-34
-95 minutes spent on the site per day on average

What we’re doing
We’re currently using Twitch to place advertisements for a variety of our clients. Twitch has many options for advertising, from embedded 30-60 second spots, to home screen still visuals and influencer campaigns similar to what you might see on Instagram. Because Twitch users are so comfortable engaging with content on the site, we are confident that advertising through Twitch may allow us to access this hard-to-reach demographic and achieve better results than we have in the past using other platforms.