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Podcasts We Like

By Blog, Culture

Earlier this month, Spotify signaled their designs to get into podcasting by purchasing Gimlet Media (producer of the popular Start Up and the original Homecoming that Amazon adapted into critical success…

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Chuck Penna

By Culture, News
Here's to the Founding Father Chuck Penna—our creative captain and founding partner—is hanging up his hat after an incredible 34-year career at Penna Powers. For over 40 years, Chuck has...
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Welcome to Valhalla: Thor’s Got Fun and Games

By Culture
Penna Powers - Make the Podcast Bigger
Penna Powers - Make the Podcast Bigger
Welcome to Valhalla: Thor's Got Fun and Games

It’s 8:35 a.m. on a Tuesday, Penna Powers headquarters is dark and quiet as people slowly make their way into work. They walk into their offices and begin scanning through…

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