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Chuck Penna

By February 5, 2019February 20th, 2019No Comments

Here's to the Founding Father

Chuck Penna—our creative captain and founding partner—is hanging up his hat after an incredible 34-year career at Penna Powers. For over 40 years, Chuck has broken down walls and shattered expectations with his innovative ideas and unique perspective on the advertising industry. As a pioneer of strategic creative advertising in Utah, Chuck continually disrupted the norm and raised the bar of excellence.

He opened the doors of Penna Powers at the young age of 26 and, while the agency name has changed over the years, Chuck’s passion for problem-solving and building clients’ business has been constant. He has proven himself as a hardworking, creative individual, and also the lifeblood of Penna Powers. Here’s a look back on Chuck’s storied career.

The Evolution of

Penna Powers

Lessons Learned from Salt Lake’s Original Mad Man

One of the greatest lessons I've learned from Chuck was to do great work because your name is on it.

Erico BisqueraChief Creative Officer

While Chuck’s commitment to amazing work was evident in all he did, he also clearly cared about the people he worked with. He was always the guy with a personal gift or friendly chat that made you laugh and warmed your heart. Being great at what you do while building people is a tremendous talent he shared with the team at Penna Powers over and over.

Justin SmartChief Strategy Officer

I know people that are committed professional athletes, talented musicians and incredibly gifted artists. The unique feature in all of these people is that they are driven by their LOVE for their skill. Chuck Penna is one of the most passionate people I have ever met in the field of Marketing and Advertising. This craft is his life and he committed to it like an extreme athlete. He put in the time, did his research and practiced, practiced, practiced it until it was second nature to him.

Mike BrianPartner / Chief Executive Officer

We'll miss our chats with Chuck, but we'll carry on his legacy of doing great work that delivers results.

David SmithPartner / Chief Financial Officer

Chuck rightfully stated that new business is the lifeblood of the agency and new business is everyone’s business.

Brent WilhiteNew Business Director

Chuck made you feel appreciated, even if he would make up an outlandish mythology for you and repeat it over and over. He loved telling stories. He loved the agency and everyone in it.

Marc StrykerVP Channel and Content Management

Chuck always taught me to focus on getting results first and if we win some awards along the way, well, then that's nice too.

Kenny HammondCreative Director

“The best idea wins,” was something Chuck often said. Chuck’s work wasn’t driven by ego, but rather what would work best to attack the challenge or opportunity. He valued people and their ideas and what he was communicating to all of us was, “speak up, stretch your brain, come up with a solution and share.” The best idea can come from anyone and anywhere and he created an environment where creativity and innovation can thrive.

Stephanie MillerVP Account Planning and Management

Chuck’s integrity is one of his hallmark qualities. His example of honesty and doing the right thing set the tone for how we approach our work.

Wendy HansenAccount Planning Director

If you've ever read about the Five Love Languages, you'll understand Chuck Penna's: "Gifts!" Chuck was the ultimate gift giver. Besides, being a talented creative director with a fun sense of humor and a quick wit, he had a special knack for getting to know his employees. He would give them the most appropriate, albeit quirky, gifts. Chuck made everyone feel special. His cheerful personality, true love for the agency, its employees and the industry was infectious!

Christine MengesVP Project Management

Chuck was the perfect agency owner. He set up the legacy of caring about the work, caring about the clients, caring about the employees and caring about the future of the agency. Not a day went by that he didn't speak of all of these.

Traci HoughtonVP Finance and Operations