Penna Powers’ Annual Giving Campaign

Utah Food Bank Summer Business Food & Fund Drive

One in seven children in Utah aren’t sure where their next meal is coming from. Without the help of school breakfast and lunch during the summer, food insecurity skyrockets among families who now need to get two more meals on the table. Unfortunately, donations to Utah Food Bank are at their lowest in the summer, which is why Penna Powers has committed to be a part of their Summer Business Food and Fund Drive.

But this isn’t just any old food drive! It became a Food and Fun(d) Drive when we formed four circus-themed teams to facilitate a little healthy competition amongst the Penna Powers staff. The Bearded Ladies, Potato Barnum, Cirque du Service and The Freak Show are throwing down for best of show by raising money and donating food for Utah Food Bank. In addition to cash and non-perishable food donations, our event committee has put together a series of events throughout the month to keep the staff on their toes, including opportunities to steal canned foods from other team buckets.

Last week, we held an office-wide bake sale where members of the Penna Powers team brought home-made (two points) and store-bought (one point) goods into the office to be purchased by colleagues. Any money spent at the bake sale was deposited into team envelopes. For example, if a member of The Freak Show purchased a yummy chocolate covered strawberry and a slice of glazed lemon zucchini cake, $2 would be placed in The Freak Show’s envelope. Needless to say, the bake sale was a great success. Who doesn’t like spending money and eating sweet treats for a good cause?

We still have half of the month left and the show must go on! This week is trivia week. Our food drive organizers will be sending out five point quizzes to the staff, with points awarded for each correct answer and a bonus for the first person to get all five answers correct. Our final week’s event will be a scavenger hunt. We have a feeling it’s going to be the craziest one yet.

If you’re interested in donating to Utah Food Bank, go to

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