Insuring the Uninsurable

Concept | Media Placement | Strategy | Video Production

Ass = Covered.

The Challenge

For years, the insurance category has been saturated with humor. From all types of talking animals, to allegorical manifestations of havoc, to upbeat unrelenting customer service representatives. We had to find a way to break through the comedic clutter to deliver the launch of a bold brand with a unique product for a discerning target audience.

The Solution

We employed a simple concept with an ambitious execution: People and businesses who engage in high-risk activities have a hard time finding insurance; so we showed those people what exactly XINSURANCE covers–which is…everything. From luxury drift cars to alien abductions, if you can imagine it, they can cover it. We shaped the voice and tone of the brand to be as ballsy as its buyer, and took on more stunts than most film production insurers would ever feel comfortable putting into a :30 spot. Luckily, we had XINSURANCE.