Nevada Health Link

Connecting You to Health Insurance

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You can’t afford not to have health insurance

The Challenge
Nevada Health Link had already found great success through our price point creative campaign, but a different audience was slipping through the cracks. New potential enrollees needed a message that would make them aware of a wider range of health insurance offerings. We needed to establish Nevada Health Link not just as a low-cost competitor, but as the lead health insurance resource for Nevada.
The Solution

No one likes to think about health insurance until they have to think about health insurance, but we needed to get our audience to plan ahead and jump into open enrollment. Instead of following the category norms and touting how much money can be saved, we talked about how much an average injury costs.

Not only did we need to say the right message, to get new people to sign up for open enrollment, we had to say it in the right place.

The Results
We combined outreach, online content marketing and traditional media tactics to create laser-focused placement. Then we kept a sharp eye on performance and optimization metrics to maximize campaign results.
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