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1 in 7 kids in Utah aren’t sure where their meal is coming from

The Challenge

The Utah Food Bank does an amazing job tracking statistics and data. But sometimes numbers aren’t enough. People donate with their hearts, not their heads. The Utah Food Bank also has hundreds of heartbreaking stories about children and families and the tactics they use just to find their next meal.

The Solution
We had to find a story that would translate well to donors. It had to be authentic, emotional and memorable. To be effective in mass media channels, it also had to be quick and scalable. We concepted, produced and launched a spot called “Carrots” which ran on broadcast TV, digital buys and social channels.

Working with Penna Powers has elevated the impact and quality of Utah Food Bank’s creative campaigns. Penna Powers listens to our needs carefully and respects our parameters and requirements, while still providing fresh ideas and top-notch quality service. The successful campaigns they have created for us have resulted in increased fundraising results, which has allowed us to have an even greater impact on Utahns facing hunger.

Communications Director
The Results
This campaign is currently in market, but early results are showing record-breaking fundraising numbers and higher levels of volunteer involvement compared to recent years.